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Posted 07/20/2021 in Business by The Emerald Cup

Radicle Herbs Farms: Regenerative Farm Award | Emerald Cup

Mendocino County, CA, USA

Radicle Herbs Farms in Mendocino County, CA is one of the winners of the Regenerative Cannabis Farm Award at The Emerald Cup 2018. The award is designed to be a catalyst of positive competition filled with information sharing, land stewardship, ethical marketing, watershed consciousness and love of nature, living soil and biodiversity. The goal of the award is to educate people about what regenerative cultivation techniques are and how they can be adopted to help us grow the highest quality, pure medicine that truly expresses the terroir of the farm. Learn more at regenerativecannabisfarming.org Documenting the Regenerative Cannabis Movement Claire Weissbluth a.k.a. La Osa is a filmmaker based in  Oakland, born and raised in the hills of Humboldt County. She is  interested in telling stories about people engaged in land stewardship  and  regenerative farming practices. Claire has edited content for the PBS  documentary series Food Forward, which showcases pioneers and  visionaries who are creating viable alternatives to our industrial food  system, and was the assistant editor of the The F Word, a comedic  docu-series about a queer couple's journey to adopt from foster care,  also on PBS. She is a contributor to Cannabis Now Magazine and a lover  of forests, succulents, and cats. -WHAT IS THE EMERALD CUP?- The Emerald Cup is Northern California’s premier cannabis destination, while advancing the concept of sustainable, outdoor farming. Its reputation is firmly solidified as the largest, most respected, organic, outdoor, cannabis competition in the world. As a group, The Emerald Cup prides itself in bringing together experts and educators in the cannabis field to our fellow farmers, patients, and patrons each year. It is a community celebration that has grown to become a global movement honoring the year’s finest, organic, sun-grown, cannabis harvest.

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Mendocino County, CA, USA

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