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ShopMarijuana.com helps dedicated cannabis artisans become more visible in their craft. We help our colleagues work collaboratively with other trusted businesses, global cannabis consumers, and individual business people within our international marketplace. 

Our rankings with Google are pushed to the top each time we gain a single new community member, a product or blog is added, a name is searched, or a video is posted.

ShopMarijuana.com showcases cannabis businesses across the many social platforms, and helps to get the message to the world that you are a safe, trusted member of the cannabis community.

See how easy the platform is to use by following the simple instructions listed below.

1. Search For Professional Cannabis Business Members

Use our website to search cannabis business professionals by specialty or location. It's easy to search and find top-rated cannabis business experts.

2. Compare Their Profiles And Get More Information

After searching for members, compare quotes, reviews, and full profiles of each member on our website.

3. Directly Connect with Cannabis Professionals

Contact all of the members you like for more information. Are they the people you want to know and work with? Our members are always happy to hear from you, open for business, and ready to work!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I Have A Business Page? 

As a cannabis business or ancillary cannabis business, influencer, farmer, retailer, etc., you struggle every day to be seen. We have a joke around here: How many times have you been kicked off of social media? We will let you talk about your business here, meet others just like you, post photos and videos, download great content, post great content, and yes, show pictures of your weed. 

  • What Is The Difference Between The Monthly Plan And The Annual Plan?

They are the exact same plan, however, by signing up for the Annual Plan, you receive the benefit of a one-time payment offered to you at a discounted price. 

  • Does This Cannabis Business Page Link To My Social Media Pages?

Yes, your page will be the place to let the world know who you are and where you like to hang out. When you join you will be given the opportunity to add your social media links to your page. 

  • Is this Website Just For People In The Cannabis Business Directly?

No! Absolutely not. ShopMarijuana.com is dedicated to cannabis businesses, individuals, influencers, and those that work in the ancillary businesses that make the show run smoothly every day. 

  • Can I Sell My Weed On Here?

Nope.  At least not yet ;) We're all still waiting on our Uncle Sam for the permission slip. 

  • Do You Take Checks, Cash, Or Money Orders? 

Sorry, but no. If you don't have a credit card to pay for our service, then unfortunately we cannot help you. 

  • Isn't It Kind Of Expensive For A Business Page? 

When you become a full-on annual or monthly business member, you will be able to point all of your new contacts directly to your page to find all the richness of your current business ventures. No more worrying about whether Big Brother is looking over your shoulder, just waiting to shut you down. 

  • If I'm Not Happy - Then What?

Although we do not offer refunds, we allow you to stop your business page plan at any time. We do believe though that we have a lot to offer and will strive to keep your page up, running, and thriving, much like you do for your business. We always strive for your happiness. 

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Shopmarijuana.com is an international B2B cannabis website that connects cannabis businesses with one another and helps clients find business leads. It offers a platform for cannabis companies to connect, network, and collaborate with each other in order to grow their businesses. The website features a directory of cannabis businesses from around the world, making it easy for clients to find the products and services they need. In addition, the website offers tools and resources to help businesses market themselves and find new clients. With its focus on networking and collaboration, shopmarijuana.com is like a combination of LinkedIn and Angie's List for the cannabis industry.


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