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Cannabis Business with Pride: Fabulous Queer-Owned Cannabis Brands

Cannabis Business with Pride: Fabulous Queer-Owned Cannabis Brands

by SMJ

Smoke, Vape, regale, relax and celebrate with these LGBTQIA+ owned, founded, and/or operated cannabis companies.

Cannabis, for queer people, can be a major deal. It’s long been part of the ways we care for ourselves, as evidenced by the way AIDS patients helped jumpstart the movement for legal medical cannabis in America. It’s how we relax with trusted friends. A way we unpack our day and talk through what happened at work or school or on dating apps. A way to escape when it feels like there's nowhere else to go. 

Growing up queer is difficult enough without having to worry about your mental health too; cannabis helps not only on a mental note but also in a sexual, physical, spiritual, and social capacity. It has connected us and others to support cannabis, art, music, and the culture of our LGBTQ communities in such a way we can all associate and relate as one pride.

This blog is to demonstrate not only the diverse and innovative ways cannabis has grown in the LGBTQ communities around the world but the queer excellence within cannabis business entrepreneurs and the fantastic brands they brought to the legal marketplace.

Below are queer-owned cannabis brands found and linked back to their business listing on ShopMarijuana.com

Xula Herbs

source: Xula Herbs

Founded in 2016 by queer co-founders Karina Primelles and partner Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey, Xula Herbs is a Latinx- and Black-owned hemp company based in Mexico City. Through a wide range of phenomenal CBD products, their mission is to “to dignify, amplify, and revive menopausal bodies, trans bodies, differently-abled bodies, nonbinary bodies, and all bodies left out of our society’s gaze.”

For Karina Primelles, their work in cannabis speaks to the core freedom of queerness.

“I see my queerness as a process of becoming, of finding greater freedom by being able to express myself authentically while letting go of societal norms and fear of judgment. Part of the medicine of cannabis is that it allows me to break from certain thinking patterns and expand the ways in which I relate to myself and others. In this way, I see cannabis as part of this journey of showing me and helping my process of becoming.”

Karina Primelles

Xula’s unique products like their ah! blend for calm + clarity and their solo hemp relief blend featuring full-spectrum CBD and CBG, are derived from certified organic hemp grown on their farm in Southern Oregon, giving Xula the power to ensure top quality every step of the way.

Xula’s dedication to the intersectional queer community goes beyond the product level. Through its marketing efforts, Xula aims to “amplify and provide genuine visibility and representation to our communities.” On the distribution side, they’ve also created a network of very intentional relationships with vendors, including Latinx, BIPOC, queer, and women-led businesses.

Discover: XULA on ShopMarijuana.com

Stone Road

source: Stony Road

Stone Road is a cannabis farm that’s working to make a difference through ethical growing practices, an employee-owned structure, and their signature product: breathtakingly beautiful joints.

"Founded by CEO Lex Corwin in 2016, Stone Road is a cannabis farm that's working to make a difference through ethical growing practices, an employee-owned structure, and their signature brand of breathtakingly beautiful joints.

“The easiest way for consumers to voice their support is with their dollars. If you support companies that have like-minded values to you, those companies will succeed and those companies will grow and continue to represent you in the marketplace.”

Lex Corwin

One of the many things that set Stone Road apart is their widely followed, gorgeous Instagram, which seeks to show cannabis consumers as they authentically are. 

“Everyone talks about our Instagram first like ‘Oh it’s so diverse! It’s so inclusive!’ but that was literally just a reflection of the cannabis industry. Half our photos are just from consumers who DM us who want to be featured on our page. The fact is that the majority of them are BIPOC consumers and LGBTQ+ consumers, and those are the people who support Stone Road,” 


With hand-trimmed reserve bud and attractive joints rolled with fine French paper, Stone Road products symbolize what it means to love cannabis.

“We’re trying to raise the standards of the industry. I really feel like we’re at this pivotal moment where so many people are interacting with the plant for the first time. If we can make them feel comfortable and like they’re indulging in something beautiful and natural, that’s going to be the difference between continuously fighting new restrictions against commercial cannabis activity and cannabis possession, and making them say, ‘Yes we want this industry, we want these jobs, we want this inclusivity.'

With distribution across California, licensed products in Oklahoma, and plans for future expansion into New York, Stone Road products give queer consumers everywhere a glimpse into a more equitable future of cannabis. And for Corwin, there’s something special about the right now for queer cannabis consumers and entrepreneurs.

“This is a once-in-a-generation time. It’s an extremely exciting time.”


Discover: Stone Road on ShopMarijuana.com


Created by queer entrepreneurs Brandon Andrew and Ian Colon and run by a group of queer people, BIPOC, women, and allies, Calexo is a cannabis beverage company and a community of creatives that believes in creating social experiences that are not centered on alcohol.

Calexo’s beverages are sparkling and formulated with fruit juice, botanicals, and emulsified THC.

Their website states all their products are ideal for edible users looking to experience cannabis in a different way.

“Calexo offers a cannabis experience more similar to inhalation than edibles through sublingual absorption. This means you get more of the uplifting, cerebral delta-9-THC cannabinoids, and fewer of the potent and body-high oriented 11-hydroxy-THC cannabinoids.”

In complement to their delightful cannabis beverages, Calexo also boasts an exceptional line of apparel. Looking for a cute way to carry your Calexo can or your other gear; check out this Calexo fanny pack! How adorable is that?

Indulge in Calexo’s colorful, queer world by following them.

Discover: Calexo on ShopMarijuana.com 


source: Sava website

Founded by queer cannabis trailblazer and CEO Andrea Brooks, Sava gives cannabis consumers more ways to support ethical and diverse brands while promoting LGBTQ+ visibility in the industry, something near and dear to Brooks’s heart.

Sava partners with a number of AAPI-owned and BIPOC-owned cannabis brands (like Polti, Mad Lilly, Mellows, The Congo Club and Moon Made Farms to name a few) in order to bring diverse voices in cannabis to the forefront, committing to carrying 50% women-owned brands and at least 20% BIPOC brands at all times.

Through Sava’s ordering interface, buyers can even sort brands by “Values” (with options like BIPOC-, queer- or woman-owned, biodynamic, single-origin, etc.), giving consumers more power to put their cannabis dollars towards brands that align with their values.

Discover: Sava on ShopMarijuana.com 

CommCan Inc.

source: CommCann SocialCommCan Inc. is the locally-owned and operated brainchild of queer majority-owner Ellen Rosenfeld and her two brothers.

Founded in 2015 as part of the Massachusetts Medical Use Of Marijuana Program, CommCan has quickly grown to include multiple dispensaries, a cultivation facility, and some of the most exciting cannabis brands in the state.

Like many LGBTQ+ people, Rosenfeld has built her success through ingenuity, creative thinking, and turning the injustices around her into opportunities. When Massachusetts limited cannabis business zoning to low-traffic, tucked-away areas on the outskirts of town, Rosenfield and her brothers took long-held family land in an industrial park and turned it into an ever-growing cannabis empire.

source: CommCann website

Her perseverance and resourcefulness have allowed CommCan to remain fiercely independent, delivering quality products with the highest standard of integrity.

“So many people are getting into this business and they have no idea what they’re doing. They either have a lot of money and don’t know what they’re doing, or they do know what they’re doing, but they don’t have any money. They have to partner with the people who do have a lot of money, and then the people who have a lot of money want to run the business. That’s a shame.”

Ellen Rosenfeld

In addition to filling their shelves with high-quality bud and expertly rolled joints, CommCan produces several popular house brands like Sip carbonated beverages and DRiP vape products. CommCan is also the exclusive licensed grower and distributor of mega-popular Cookies brand cannabis in New England.

Discover: CommCan, Inc. on ShopMarijuana.com 

Altered Plates

source: Altered Plates website

Pride celebrations exhibit one thing, it is that community and the experience of coming together are core to the joy that can be found in the LGBTQ+ community.

Enter Altered Plates: the brainchild of queer co-founder Rachel Burkons and her brother Chef Holden Jagger, Altered Plates is a “creative culinary collective that brings together cannabis, food, beverage, and good old-fashioned hospitality.”

Shared experiences brought together in both the hospitality industry and the culinary world, Burkons and Jagger are transforming the ways brands reach cannabis consumers. From their start of hosting private cannabis and food pairing events, Burkons and Jagger have quickly expanded their innovative company to include culinary education, product development, and creating incredible on-site consumption experiences.

“I think cannabis is so important to the queer community because our legal cannabis industry is directly rooted in the gay rights movement and the AIDS epidemic. We owe much to the activists who stood on both sides of these battles – Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary, for example – and it’s so important that we honor these trailblazers’ contributions.

Furthermore, cannabis and queer culture have long been subversive counter-cultures, and although they’re both becoming more widely accepted and mainstreamed, I think there’s something to be said about how “outside” communities might overlap and interact with each other.” 

Rachel Burkons

Follow Altered Plates as they continue to revolutionize cannabis hospitality at @alteredplateshospitality. Follow Rachel’s adventures @smokesipsavor.

Discover: Altered Plates on ShopMarijuana.com 

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